vrijdag 19 oktober 2012

De kennis en wijsheid van Ran Ortner

"Concepts and theory can be taught. Techniques can be taught. But art is also about the power of the human heart and the force of our creative nature. This is not studied and explored as part of the curriculum. When you ask collectors what they’re really looking for, they say they want to fall in love; they want to feel. But the academics are leery of feeling, and they make the rules, so the contemporary art world is cerebral and favors conceptual approaches. I don’t oppose the emphasis on intellect and on concept — in fact, I like it very much — but I do feel the passions are underrepresented. Humans are deeply emotional beings. We don’t rationalize our way into love; we fall. We don’t rationalize our way into the richest experiences; we get swept away."
  - Ran Ortner

Ran Ortner deelt zijn ervaringen en inzichten over het creatieve proces in een opmerkelijk interview in The Sun Magazine.